ATLAS export: Notes on the search request procedure

An ATLAS-Info provides information on the procedure of the enquiry request. The enquiry request in accordance with Article 335 UZK-IA serves to deal with export transactions for which the exit of the goods has not been proven in the electronic message exchange between the customs offices of exit and export.

The ATLAS message references refer to the response in the enquiry request. The customs offices of export note that a high number of declarants do not reply to the enquiry request. This is often the case, in particular, when the export declarations have been made in direct representation of the exporter/declarant. Declarants/exporters should pay more attention to this, also in view of the possible need to adapt the contractual agreements with their representative, the ATLAS notification states.

In addition, information is provided on the regular response deadlines for the follow-up procedure and on deadlines due to the Corona crisis and the large number of missing confirmations of exit in the wake of Brexit.

Details can be found in the ATLAS-Info.


ATLAS-Info 0352/2022


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