Technical changes in ATLAS-Export/ATLAS-Import

An ATLAS message informs about technical changes in ATLAS Export after the maintenance window on 19/11/2022 and in ATLAS Import (TARIC/EZT) from 02/12/2022.

With regard to ATLAS-Export (AES), the issues include the use of national commodity codes of Chapter 99 of the List of Goods for foreign trade statistics in ATLAS-Export (AES), the reactivation of the early exit confirmation by alternative proof as well as the plausibility check of the container indicator, the domestic mode of transport and the mode of transport at the border.

In addition, you will find information in the ATLAS message on the granting of preferences for goods originating in Côte d'Ivoire within the framework of TARIC/EZT imports.


ATLAS-Info 0380/22


Federal Office for Information Security