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Verena Eßer

Diplom-Finanzwirtin (FH) | Master of Customs Administration (MCA)

  • Former official, German customs administration
  • Assignment at the Bildungs- und Wissenschaftszentrum der Bundesfinanzverwaltung Münster
  • Author on customs law

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My work for AWB has enabled me to develop both personally and professionally: As a consultant, I am confronted with a wide variety of tasks, companies and people, which often requires me to think on my feet. No two cases are the same and I learn something new with each new project.

Before I started at AWB, I had completed the dual study program for the senior, non-technical service at the Federal University of Applied Administrative Sciences (Finance Department) in Münster. After an assignment at the Duisburg Main Customs Office, I worked as a lecturer at the Education and Science Center in Münster. However, I still wanted to expand my horizons – as quickly and flexibly as possible.

I have worked at AWB as a consultant specialising in customs law since 2014. During this time, I have gained extensive experience by working on a wide variety of projects and (like all new consultants) have been offered numerous training courses and seminars at our sister company AWA AUSSENWIRTSCHAFTS-AKADEMIE. This has been a great advantage because the seminars are not only extremely practical and comprehensive but have also brought me into contact with customs specialists from a wide range of companies.

My training as a customs officer and intensive induction at AWB have allowed me to quickly expand my knowledge so that nowadays I am prepared for all questions, no matter how difficult. This has proved particularly helpful in my work as a lecturer at AWA seminars, in-house training courses or company workshops. The need for training can arise, for example, from a previous consultation. In this case, clients often request that I hold the seminar because (as the responsible consultant) I can directly refer to the experience gained from the mandate. I usually receive feedback on my seminars instantaneously: sometimes, I can literally feel how it "clicks" with the participants and they suddenly understand a certain point or topic. This direct feedback and the awareness that I have contributed to the participants’ improved understanding of customs law is what makes my work as a lecturer so appealing.

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