Project Management

External specialist for complex customs and foreign trade projects

From planning to implementation: As external specialists, we have many years of experience in supporting complex projects in customs and foreign trade.

This may involve, for example, the development of internal process structures relating to customs clearance, customs tariffs, origin of goods and preferences or export controls.

The need for adjustment often arises as a result of reorganisation and restructuring measures within the company, changes in the manufacturing/production structure, the supply chain or within the scope of M&A transactions.

Our services:

  • Analysing the existing workflow concerning customs and export control processes, developing approaches to optimisation, determining the potential for automation and digitalisation
  • Setting project goals, the project flow (based on the process model used in the company) and target vision
  • Planning and modelling the process landscape relating to customs and foreign trade, taking account of the relevant interfaces, ERP systems and customs IT systems
  • Developing interface models to other company departments (e.g. logistics, purchasing, sales, IT)
  • Producing process documentation and supporting the transition to the enterprise process model (visualization, maintenance)
  • Producing a standard of procedures (SOP) in order to manage and check outsourced business processes to service providers and integrating it into the business process landscape