Consultancy services for consultants

Since statutory rules are complex and subject to constant change, it is very challenging for tax consultants, corporate consultants, auditors and lawyers to gain specialised know-how and experience, even in highly-specialised areas, in order to offer clients qualified and legally-sound advice. Against this background, the AWB specialises in providing advice and support regarding specialised questions in the form of „consultancy for consultants”. Take advantage of our expertise and experience in all questions on customs law, foreign trade law/export controls, VAT and excise. A co-operation with us will enable you to offer clients competent advice – even in specialised cases – and will also protect you from potential claims by your clients. Play it safe and trust our consultants’ expertise!

What can we do for you?

AWB can support you by providing advice relating to design and prevention in all areas of foreign trade law, as well as VAT and excise. We produce opinions on specialist questions and can help you and your clients with judicial proceedings and out-of-court settlements. In the case of company audits, we will help you and your clients with the preparatory work and can be there with you on the day of the audit. We can also accompany contractual negotiations, provide training to your staff and clients and support with all questions relating to our areas of expertise (Help Desk), both in writing and in person.

Confidentiality guaranteed!

As specialists, we aim to solve the problems facing your clients in the fields of customs law, foreign trade law/export controls, VAT and excise. We will, of course, respect your existing client relationship, attorney-client privilege and confidentiality and provide corresponding assurance in writing.


  • Advice on design and prevention in our fields of expertise: customs law, foreign trade law, VAT and excise
  • Opinions
  • Support with judicial proceedings out-of-court settlements
  • Support with company audits (customs and foreign trade audits, VAT audits and special  audits)
  • Support with contractual negotiations
  • Training of staff and/or clients