Goal-driven consultancy for projects and processes by practitioners for practitioners. Specialising in customs and foreign trade law, the AWB Consulting GmbH is familiar with all aspects of international trade. It provides clients with solutions and IT tools tailored to their needs.


The AWA-FOREIGN TRADE ACADEMY delivers seminars, in-house training and distance-learning courses on all aspects of customs, export controls, VAT and excise.


For over 90 years, HLB Schumacher GmbH has been among the leading consultants for audits and taxation in the Münster region.


CaseWare Germany GmbH is the leading provider of software solutions, methodological and specialized know-how, and of services involving audits, risk and compliance. Moreover, CaseWare Germany GmbH is the sole distributor of the IDEA audit software.


The International VAT Association is an independent organisation that represents the interests of industry and tax consultants in relation to VAT. At the same time, it offers an expert forum and association vis-á-vis administrations and law-makers at national and international level.


Tax & Legal Excellence is an international forum of excellence for experts in the field of tax and business law. The main aim of the network is to create a group of members with excellent competence, which conveys current knowledge from science, business and law in the best way possible.