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TARIC/EZT - Trade in goods with the countries participating in the Regional Convention on Pan-Euro-Mediterranean Preferential Rules of Origin

Some countries of the Pan-Euro-Mediterranean zone apply the alternative rules of origin (transitional rules) in addition to the rules of origin of the regional convention. Since the countries of the Pan-Euro-Mediterranean zone may decide to apply the alternative rules of origin at very short notice, a timely implementation in the IT procedure ATLAS may not be guaranteed. For this case, a workaround was announced with ATLAS Participant Info No. 0226/21 of 29.09.2021, which refers to the website More Information…

Notification of Common Entry Health Documents (CEDs) by Authorized Consignors

In order to be able to guarantee declarations of goods subject to GGED in the simplified procedure of an authorized consignor in the future, the system behavior of ATLAS Versand has been adapted. More Information…

Goods with preferential origin in Israel; new TARIC document coding for granting preferences

The European Union grants preferential tariffs on the transfer of goods originating in Israel. However, this only applies to goods not produced in Israeli settlements, which have been under Israeli administration since June 1967. The EU Commission is introducing a TARIC measure condition for the preferential measures for Israel with effect from 16.05.2023 in order to reflect the above described arrangements

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