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Exploit the possibilities of EU customs law and reduce costs

In international companies, the customs department is positioned at a legal crossroads. The processing of exports not only requires the correct roles of the parties to be determined (i. e. exporter, declarant and representative) but also involves export controls or compliance with other prohibitions and restrictions. When processing imports, it is possible to reduce duties by skilfully structuring preferences, customs duty exemptions or customs procedures. This may give rise to legal issues relating to customs tariffs or valuation.

Trained staff and efficient processes

Those who recognise this and equip their customs department with trained personnel and efficient processes are acting wisely. The AWB can assist you do this. Our team will help you recognise and exploit the possibilities offered by customs law. We consciously reject a “We’ve always done it that way” mentality and closely examine each case on its merits.

Making your customs department fit for purpose

We will prepare your customs department for the demands of European customs law. Although challenging at times, it also offers promising opportunities: customs simplifications, expedited customs clearance or systems to avoid customs violations.

Benefits as an Authorised Economic Operator (AEO)

Are you an AEO? If not, you should consider obtaining this status as a matter of urgency. As an AEO, your company will be officially deemed a trusted trading partner. This will grant you benefits such as simplified controls and application procedures for obtaining other customs authorisations. However, the AEO "seal of quality" will only be granted to companies after close scrutiny by Customs. The AWB will not only help you submit an AEO application but also maintain this coveted status.

What AWB can do for you in relation to customs:

  • Analyse and improve customs organisation and processes
  • Apply for authorisations
  • Provide daily support in customs matters
  • Improve the quality of your master data, especially tariff classification and customs descriptions
  • Create and improve internal control and risk management systems
  • Manage objections, refunds or court proceedings
  • Prepare and support customs audits
  • Produce expert reports/opinions on complex legal issues
  • Provide support in criminal and administrative penalty proceedings
  • Audit of Software and Compliance Management Systems

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