Completing customs formalities in spite of prohibitions and restrictions

The AWB shows you how!

The import and export of certain goods are subject to prohibitions and restrictions. Accordingly, special regulations apply to import, export and transit procedures.

There are many different prohibitions and restrictions to comply with

In international trade, the general principle that goods can move freely is often qualified by measures designed to protect human health, flora and fauna, the environment, public order (including the protection of cultural assets) and industrial property rights.

Prohibitions can be comprehensive, i.e. complete bans on import, export or transit. The movement of goods can also be restricted by documentary requirements for the importer or exporter as proof that certain conditions have been fulfilled. In some cases, several prohibitions and restrictions will apply simultaneously.

Classifying goods and obtaining required documents the easy way

The German Electronic Customs Tariff (EZT) can provide an initial, non-binding indication of what prohibitions and restrictions may apply. Customs is usually responsible for monitoring compliance with these regulations since it actually handles the goods. Other authorities are usually responsible for issuing licences, permits etc. The AWB will guide you through this jurisdictional jungle.

Many companies trade in goods subject to prohibitions and restrictions without knowing it. Commercial goods (such as cleaning agents or refrigerators) sometimes contain regulated goods. You should always perform the necessary checks before moving such goods cross-border.

What AWB can do for you in relation to prohibitions and restrictions:

  • Analyse and improve prohibitions and restrictions related organisation and processes
  • Apply for required permits, licences, etc.
  • Provide daily support in prohibitions and restrictions matters
  • Help you classify goods and identify when prohibitions and restrictions apply
  • Create and improve internal control and risk management systems
  • Manage objections or court proceedings
  • Prepare and support customs/foreign trade audits
  • Produce expert reports/opinions on complex legal issues
  • Provide support in criminal and administrative penalty proceedings
  • Audit of Software and Compliance Management Systems

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